TVG Tour & Golf365

TVG Tour & Golf365

The Treasure Valley Golf Tour is pleased to announce a new partnership with Golf365 out of Boise for the 2023 season.

"We're beyond excited to partner with Golf365 for the upcoming season," said Tyler Thurston of the TVG Tour. "Our business model and value prop starts with putting the best quality product on the market and it became apparent very quickly that Golf365 shares the same beliefs in their go-to-market strategy with the end goal of advancing the game. We couldn't be more excited about this partnership and look forward to growing the game with Golf365 over the coming years."

Golf365 will serve as the title sponsor for the June 5th TVG Tour event at Centennial, The Golf365 Championship at Centennial.

"As we looked at the benefits of a potential partnership with the TVG Tour, we simply had to jump on the opportunity," said Bill Moseley of Golf365. "Their commitment to quality and our story goes hand-in-hand. We're excited about being part of Idaho's best amateur tour and can't wait to continue our mission of growing the game of golf alongside the TVG Tour."

Golf365 specializes in tour-quality club fitting with an emphasis on partnering with manufactures that have a proven track record of quality control. One of their primary club partners is the world's most experienced custom club builder, Henry-Griffitts out of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

Henry-Griffitts was founded 40 years ago by two curious and innovative golf professionals. HG was the first company to make the connection of how different equipment specs negatively and positively changed the swings of their students. Four decades later, the story remains unchanged as the HG team is fitting people with equipment that actually fits and helps the player's swing. HG only sells through trusted teaching professionals such as Golf365 because there's a core belief that you need a true expert in order to truly fit golf equipment.

Golf365 is also a certified Edel Golf fitter; Edel is constantly innovating their process and has industry changing Swing Match Weighting Technology (SMS) to make changes that will revolutionize club design. One of the aspects that Edel really stands above the rest of the market is with their SMS Wedges featuring three machined out weight ports and interchangeable weights to optimize your swing to the wedge. In Edel's internal studies, testers showed a 44% increase in accuracy down range in distance and lateral dispersion combined. Edel doesn't stop at the flatstick either, they offer the most complete putter fit in the industry with over 80,000 possible putter component combinations, Edel guarantees it's your aim, your stroke, your fit.

Aside from club fitting, Golf365 has three teaching professionals on staff to give lessons both indoor and outdoor, rain or shine, anytime throughout the year. During warmer months, golfers can get lessons from the Golf365 pros at several of the Treasure Valley courses or they can take advantage of the Golf365 state-of-the-art indoor studio in Boise featuring an aboutGOLF (AG) simulator year-round. They teach with a philosophy on providing long-term results as opposed to "quick-fixes". They believe in finding what the golfer can do well and then helping the player maximize those attributes to attack the game more efficiently, ultimately leading to better scores on the course.

To learn more about Golf365, visit their website at or visit their studio at 6456 S Federal Way in Boise.

To learn more about the TVG Tour, visit the Tour's homepage at where you can register for The Golf365 Championship at Centennial.

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